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Cultural Travel Environment Today and like to guests Shelley Jiang. Editor of  Let’s Go China, 6th edition, one of 57 guides published by Sei’s bestselling quotes. Lets’s Go Publications. Norm Goldman, the editor of and Conducted this interview  Cultural Travel Environment Norm is also a regular contributor to Cultural Travel Environment Good morning Shelley and thank you for accepting our invitation for the Cultural Travel Environment interview.

NORM: Tell our readers about yourself and your experience with China Cultural Travel Thinking.

SHELLEY: Born in China, I spent the first six years of my life in Beijing. A city that I  still consider earth first. Even though I move to America and schooled there, I remained very connected with China through books, news, movies, family, and spent the summer there every two to three years. During this Cultural Travel Environment summer trip, I often travel around the country and visit many of Let’s locations: China.

Cultural Travel Environment China  Romantic Getaway

NORM: Would you conChina a good choice for a romantic getaway sider or a destination for a wedding and honeymoon and  Cultural Travel Environment?

SHELLEY: China is vast enough to offer anything to anyone, whether you’re looking for a quick weekend in Shanghai, a trip to the beautiful Chinese land, or to dive into centuries of tradition and history. But don’t expect Paris or the Caribbean – China is not your average romantic holiday. But a destination for adventure and free-spirit destinations. There are no Cultural Travel Environment resorts or spoils here. Part of the excitement and romance of a Chinese holiday is to experience a new culture and enjoy the courage and beauty.

Amazing Natural Scenery and Unique Culture

For those willing to drain conventional and off-road Cultural Travel Environment.  Amazing natural scenery and unique cultural experiences are awaited. The landscapes of the world describe in many martial arts movies.  Cultural Travel Environment (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero) backdrop for your personal love story.  Ancient palaces, pagodas, and temples invite Cultural Travel Environment tourists. To retreat to an ancient past that spans more than 5,000 years Cultural Travel Environment Cities. Such as Beijing and Shanghai proudly show their past alongside the future. Cultural Travel Environment With skyscrapers rising for the sake of one and an urban culture that rivals any American or European city.

Availability of Flights from the United States

NORM: What is the best time to visit China from the point of view of air, cost, congestion, and availability of flights from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia, etc.?

SHELLEY: Chinese peak travel hours around Chinese New Year (during January to February, according to the lunar calendar), May 1, July-August, and the first week of October. The best time to visit is from late April to June when the weather is warm. Cultural Travel Environment Students are still in school, and many establishments still have lower winter prices. Fall is also a good time to travel without crowds (but avoid the festive week of October 1). Cultural Travel Environment And see some good foliage, especially in the northern part.

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